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Want to Sell a Food Truck?
Wondering How and Where to Sell Food Trucks?

Want to Sell a Food Truck Without All the Hassle?

Whatever ever your reason to sell may be, you’ve come to the right place! Food Truck Builders of Phoenix is the premier place to sell your food truck or concession trailer in Arizona. Here are just a few of the reasons:

1) We spend $10,000 per month or more marketing food trucks and concession trailers to a highly targeted buying audience in Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico. We are the first place people come when they’re shopping for a new truck. Our customers frequently tell us that no matter where they were shopping on the internet, they saw one of our ads. This might sound not very pleasant from the general public’s POV, but when you’re trying to sell a food truck or trailer, those are precisely the words you want to hear. People come to us first, and when you sell through us, they’ll be seeing your truck or trailer first as well.

2) We have a driven, passionate, and highly-motivated sales staff that want to find a buyer for your truck or trailer just as badly as you do.

3) Professional photos and 4K video booked and included in all advertising platforms at no additional charge. Ad copy, campaigns, and renewals of those ads are all handled for you.

4) We advertise in surrounding states, and people frequently fly in to walk our lot and manufacturing center. This provides you with greater exposure to serious buyers. When a truck or trailer sells, the buyer always pays any shipping costs. Delivery only happens AFTER the final payment clears.

5) The best part is that we take care of all the headaches. We’re here five days a week meeting and greeting all of the tire-kickers with a smile on our face so that you don’t have to. When somebody messages on an ad on evenings and weekends and never shows up, you won’t feel a thing.

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