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Restaurant & Kitchen Equipment Rental Service

Food Truck Builders of Phoenix now offers short-term kitchen equipment rentals to help with large weekend events and seasonal business. Delivery and installation are available.

Restaurant Equipment Rental Prices:

Rentals Are Based on a 3-day Rental Period

Delivery $250 – 12 miles $3.00 per mile round trip

☎️ (602) 418-0699


Deep Fryers $275 (3 days)

Commercial Ovens (3 days)

Ovens single $375 (second Oven $200)

Heated cabinet $250

Flat Top Grills (3 days)




Steam tables (3 days)

1 bay $50

2 bay $150

3 bay $200

Hotbox (3 Days)


Full – $175

Sheet pans $4.00 each

Hot plates (3 Days)

2 burner $175

2 burner $175

4 burner $275

6 burner $375

Equipment Stands $50 (3 days)

Speed racks $50


Refrigerated Prep Tables (3 days)






Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers (3 days)

Single door- $250

Double door-$300

Triple door-$375

Stainless Steel Work Tables / per day (3 days)




☎️ (602) 418-0699


picture of commercial kitchen equipment rental in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Range, Oven & Pizza Oven Rental

Seasonal & Short-Term Commercial Ovens For Rent Delivery & Installation Available, Contact Us, or Call (602) 418-0699

Top Name Brands like Bakers Pride, Lincoln, Imperial & Vulcan Variety of Sizes: Single-deck, double-deck, countertop Different Fuel Types: Gas, electric, and propane Options: Conveyor, convection, and speed ovens Installations Available Call (602) 418-0699

Commercial Deep Fryer Rental

Seasonal & Short-Term Commercial Deep Fryers For Rent Delivery & Installation Available, Contact Us, or Call (602) 418-0699

Top Name Brands like Dean, Pitco, and Frymaster Variety of Sizes: 40 lb, 50 lb, and 75 lb fryers Different Fuel Types: Gas, electric, and propane Options: Counter-top fryers, floor fryers, and pressure-fryers Installations Available Call (602) 418-0699

refrigerator rental

Commercial Refrigerator Rental in Phoenix, AZ

Seasonal & Short-Term Commercial Refrigerator Rentals.

Delivery & Installation Available, Contact Us, or Call (602) 418-0699

Top Name Brands like True, Beverage-Air, Delfield, Continental, and Traulsen.

Variety of Sizes: Countertop, single-door, double-door, & 3-door models.

Different Door Types: Glassdoor, solid door, and split-door models.

More Options: Reach-in, drop-in, under-counter, back bar, and refrigerated prep tables.

Installations Available Call (602) 418-0699

When a Kitchen Equipment Rental Might Be the Best Option

Occasionally, restaurants and food trucks find themselves in need of extra equipment, not for year-round use, but for seasonal periods where having it could boost profits. The choice to rent or buy this equipment is often a critical one for restaurateurs. Here are some situations when a kitchen equipment rental might be the most advantageous option:

Understanding Kitchen Equipment Rental

The kitchen equipment rental involves a contract between the company (the one providing the equipment) and the renter (the restaurant owner), where the renter commits to paying for the equipment over a set time. Renting is often chosen over leasing agreements, which often involve longer commitments than your business requires.

Kitchen Equipment Rental Benefits

Cost Savings: Renting typically demands less upfront investment than buying equipment outright, which is especially advantageous for new businesses working with tighter budgets.

Service and Upgrade Options: Rental agreements often cover maintenance, repairs, and servicing, relieving owners of these responsibilities. Plus, there’s usually the chance to switch to newer equipment at the end of a lease. Adaptability: Renting allows restaurants to experiment with equipment before deciding to buy. If the equipment isn’t a good fit, it can be returned or exchanged.

Considerations Before Choosing a Restaurant Equipment Rental

Restaurant owners should ponder a few key aspects before signing a rental contract:

Overall Expenses: Renting can distribute costs over time, but the total amount paid over a lengthy rental period may surpass the cost of buying.

End-of-Lease Costs: Opting to buy the equipment at the end of a lease could mean facing a substantial final payment.

Interest Rates: Leasing might come with higher interest rates than traditional loans, an important factor in the total leasing cost.

Lease Agreement Details: It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the rental contract, including any early termination fees and other significant terms.

Buying vs. Restaurant Rentals

Purchasing equipment can lead to savings in the long run and more control, but it also requires a large initial outlay. Renting, meanwhile, offers more flexibility, potentially lower starting costs, and options to upgrade or buy later. The best decision depends on the restaurant’s financial health, future plans, and specific needs for equipment.


Deciding whether to purchase, lease, or rent restaurant equipment is a significant step for any food service business. With a range of payment options and a diverse selection of equipment available, restaurateurs are faced with more choices than ever. Whatever the decision, the quality of the equipment remains crucial for the restaurant’s success.

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