Fire Suppression Inspection, Installation & Repair

Food Truck Fire Suppression Systems

Recently, Arizona changed its laws regarding food trucks.

In the past, there were different laws and requirements for almost every city and county.

Fortunately, the process has been simplified and much of the old confusion can begin to subside.

Unfortunately for some, the new changes have resulted in failed inspections & shut down kitchens.

These changes took place in August, and we’ve been working around the clock since then. We’ve been helping everybody bring their¬†food trucks and trailers up to the new code.

Ansul System & Fire Suppression Inspections

We can inspect your existing fire suppression system and bring it up to code, or we can install a new one.

In either case, when we are finished you will have a system that is GUARANTEED to Pass Inspection.

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restaurant fire suppression maintenance

24 HR Restaurant Fire Suppression Inspections, Maintenance & Repair

We don’t serve only food trucks. We offer this service to all commercial kitchens and any other place with open flames, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals,¬†electrical connections, and paper products in close proximity to each other.

Our fire inspection and service process

Food Truck Builders Certified Service Technicians will perform the following:

  • Visually inspect appliance location and layout for nozzle coverage
  • Visually inspect all surface, duct & plenum nozzles
  • Verify there are no signs the system has been activated or tampered with
  • Check pressure gauges for proper PSI
  • Test proper operation of gas shutoff valves
  • Test proper operation of microswitches
  • Test proper operation of the remote pull station
  • Take system out of service to avoid discharge of agent
  • Test the detection line by cutting a fusible link
  • Change fusible links twice a year as required fire safety
  • Replace protective blow-off caps as needed
  • Verify activation of system activates fire alarm system
  • Inspection and service tag properly completed and attached to the system
  • Put the cooking system back into service
  • Verify the fire alarm system is placed back into operation
  • Document any discrepancies and need for repairs

CALL (602) 418-0699

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