Airstream Food & Concession Trailers For Sale

Air Stream Food & Merchandising Trailers

We’re more likely to spend money when we’re feeling nostalgic. … In other words, someone might be more likely to buy something when they are feeling nostalgic,”

– Jannine D. the Journal of Consumer Research

If you’ve been thinking that you might be able to sell more food, beverages or clothing from an Airstream than a plain white trailer, you’re probably right. A recent study by the Journal of Consumer Research believes they’ve proven it so.

If you’ve already done your homework and you know it’s the right move, then you probably also know that there aren’t too many people in the country who do Airstream conversions. And of the people that do, there are even fewer who do commercial renovations.

Trailers that serve food and beverages and work with the public must meet local health and safety codes. Building a trailer that’s guaranteed to pass inspection means working directly with local health and fire inspectors. Working with Airstreams often means installing square equipment into a round peg, and we are good at both.

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